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The natural healing force within each of us, is the greatest force in getting well.


Welcome to Holistic Health at Crookwell
The Road to Wellness
In a world where we rush to work, rush to the grocery store, rush to live.  It is no wonder that we have lost sight of the simple things.  We live on the edge of exhaustion.  We no longer take time out for our emotional and spiritual well-being, which means it takes it's toll on our physical wellness.  What I offer is time back to yourself to heal body, mind and spirit. 
The therapies used in the clinic are gentle, calming and soothing to the body but it packs a punch against, tension, stress, fatigue, toxins and other internal and external environmental disruptors; these may be interfering with your bodies ability to be well of mind, body and spirit.  
An hour of Bowen Therapy is life changing.  Bowen uses the bodies own healing mechanism to bring the body back to it's original balance.  Go to link here for more on Bowen Therapy.
An hour of Raindrop Therapy is a delight to the senses because we use only therapeutic grade essential oils together with ancient Tibetan and American Indian massage techniques.  Read up on Raindrop here. 
Reiki healing is healing with life source energy, it can be done with the client present or absent healing, if you are unable to get to the clinic.  Read the origins of Reiki here. 
All this healing is done in a calming, nurturing and safe environment.  Here at Holistic health at Crookwell we believe in good old fashion hospitality with the guarantee you will leave with less stress than when you came in; that is the meaning of holistic healing, healing the "whole body".   
If you would like to know how you can start taking back some time for YOURSELF!  Live a life free of stress and discomfort, then I would love to hear from you.  Contact me for a consultation on 04 4836 2129.